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Updates & Information 8/31/08 & 9/1/08

We are officially a Team Fortress 2 Clan and Counter-strike 1.6 clan. You can see our list of servers over here at our servers page. One note is that our TF2 IP address now is and you can like always use to always make sure you connect to the right server!

- We are Recruiting for both our divisions (CS and TF2). Apply here.

- We have multiple servers and kindly ask you to consider donating and/or purchasing admin or the like from our Donations page.

- I have received very useful feedback lately through Private Messaging on the forums and would like to open up the feedback capability to everyone. You may e-mail me personally at sleeper [at] bndclan [dot] com or you may also e-mail Chicken at chicken [at] bndclan [dot] com

- CS 1.6 WC3:FT Server Statistics have been reset and a new system has been implemented to allow for a more enhanced statistics database! Read


Changes to Servers 8/11/08

Many new things are about here. Firstly, we want feedback on if we (Blazin' N' Drinkin') Clan should have a different name. You can vote and explain here.We are also wondering if on our popular Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Server ( or we should reset the XP. Vote here for or against resetting XP - you have until September 25th at 5:00PM PST (17:00) to submit your vote.

In other news, Some Information regarding our servers HAS CHANGED! Please Read below:
The IP to WC3:FT BnDClan Server is: or

UWC3 NEW IP BnDClan Server: or

Team Fortress 2 NEW BnDClan Server IP: or

All servers for BnDClan are hosted through and we have had NFo since 2004!

If you have any suggestions or comments about the clan/operations, please feel free to contact us on the forums!

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