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Layman's terms & Terms of Service

Don't be stupid, disrespect, annoy, frustrate or otherwise irritate anyone including but not limited to admins, players and other members/contributors as such action will result in your privileges being revoked or suspended without refund. Onto the more Legal stuff.

Terms of Service

1. Definitions

"Us" or "We" are in reference to BnD, Blazin' N' Drinkin', and BnD Clan whereas "You" or "Consumer" or "User," "Client," or "Player" are in reference to the user and consumer.

2. Contract of Liability

We are not to be held liable for the actions in which you peruse your products and/or services. You are responsible for any problems caused by unsuccessful attempts at administrating or disrespectful behavior as outlined in our "Unnecessary Notions and Behaviors " section. If you are found to be violating our contract and are in fact held liable, your rights will be revoked without compensation or refund, including prorated. We have no exceptions to this policy and when these rules are broken, we will record all valuable information regarding your incident, remove your account and ensure you are not granted any refunds.

3. Unnecessary Notions and Behaviors

Disrespecting players, administrators and any and all other entities involved including but not limited to that of the equipment running the given server(s) and all other auxiliary developments. We reserve the right at any time to conduct reviews of activities and the right by which we discern a violation is at the sole accountability of the individual in question with regard to their actions. We also reserve the right to discern the actions at hand and if they violate our regulations, written or unwritten at any given time.

4. Punishment and Revocation of privileges

As noted previously, we reserve the right to review any and all cases, players, members, and any other subsidiary entity at any moment, investigate the situation and in turn decide whether or not rules were violated. If an entity or player is found guilty of violating our regulations or rules, we will offer two options:

a. A warning is issued to the player or entity at hand, ensuring a future offence is prevented.

b. Privileges or services are revoked with due cause as documented in our preceding however documentation will not be provided to the client unless subpoenaed or otherwise required by law to furnish said documentation.