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Name Position Steam ID
Sleeper Leader (CS/TF2) STEAM_0:0:1302385
Chicken Co-Leader STEAM_0:0:20089366
LMN Member STEAM_0:0:2219689
Dealface Member STEAM_0:0:736400
SkyHigh Member STEAM_0:0:8470098
Rebel Member STEAM_0:0:9952508
Para (Sean) Member STEAM_0:0:4198114
Andy/Abyss Member STEAM_0:1:11369808
Xempt Member STEAM_0:0:452436
Noobafy Member STEAM_0:1:19244958
Ryan Donator (8/18/08) STEAM_0:0:10280112
Crazy Mango Donator (8/28/08) STEAM_0:1:8251581
Turk Donator/Recruit (8/30/08) STEAM_0:1:5493609
Tom Recruit STEAM_0:1:96578
Epic Fail Recruit STEAM_0:0:11604035
Low Fat Milk Recruit STEAM_0:1:4324985

Note: More rows will be added when new members join.

Notes: All BnD members listed as "Members" have administrative priveleges. Recruits may or may not have admin. Donators also have admin. TF2 is "Team Fortress 2" - a Cartoony game made by VALVe.