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Donating and Admin Information - Recurring Donation (Subscriptions)

BnD offers various abilities to any players interested through donations/purchases of admin. For detailed information about commands available and other information about admin/donations, visit our forums or specifically

Basic Administrative privileges:
Flags: bcdeiju
- Command examples: amx_kick, amx_slap, amx_slay, amx_slap, etc...

Basic Admin: $6/month

STEAMID (check with 'status'):

Advanced Administrative privileges:
Flags: abcdefghijmnotu
- Command examples: amx_fire, amx_rocket, amx_ban, amx_vote, etc...

Advanced Admin $13/month:

STEAMID (check with 'status'):

Uber Administrative privileges:
Flags: abcdefghijkmnopqrstu
- Command examples: EVERYTHING all other admin packages include and many, many more!

Uber Admin $19/month:

STEAMID (check with 'status'):
* Although the subscription is renewed on a monthly basis, you CAN cancel anytime and your access will remain until your billing cycle ends.

Warcraft 3:Frozen Throne (WC3FT) XP! - One-time Donation

Yes, you can buy XP if you do not have the time to otherwise attain the levels through playing but want to level the playing field with the many other players with high levels.

1 Level 10 race or 75,000XP is only $6!*

ALL races level 10 or 540,000XP is only $40!* A savings of over 20%!