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Donations needed! Unlock all TF2 Achievements!

We are in need of money to continue financing our servers (Our WC3 CS 1.6 server, TF2 server, Vent server, Website, et al). Please contribute at whatever amount is fair for you and your budget because without your contributions, we cannot afford to run this community and clan, which means no servers. Just go to "Donations: Purchase Admin or XP" in the Main Menu to the left to donate!

In other news, we felt making players work to get mindless achievements wasn't completely necessary so if you follow this link, you can use a program to unlock all TF2 achievements (including Medic): Unlock All TF2 Achievements

To reiterate what the post explains, it is NOT a cheat, virus, hack, trojan, spyware/malware or any type of harmful or otherwise malicious program - it is a gateway to take advantage of VALVe's system allowing it to set all achievements as accomplished.

If you need the IPs to our servers, they are easy to remember and/or use:

WC3 CS 1.6: (that is an IP to enter)

TF2 Fast Respawn: (that is an IP to enter)

CSDM CS 1.6: (that is an IP to enter)

Ventrilo: (that is a Hostname)


Our New TF2 and CS 1.6 CSDM servers! 5-29-08

We now have two new servers located in Los Angeles, CA for the Team Fortress 2 server and Chicago, IL for our Deathmatch server! The IP addresses are and respectively. We invite you to join us in all of our servers including our Counter-strike Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne server at IP Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy your stay on our website, ventrilo server, and all of our game servers! Feel free to make suggestions, comments or ask questions of our offerings in our forums or Private Message me personally if you desire.

Best Wishes and we all hope you enjoy!


Welcome to our New Site! 5-20-08

Thanks to Chris here in BnD, we have a new and unique template and website to use. It is our primary forums and website for us to use so please offer suggestions and ideas in the forums! There are of course going to be some small flaws which will fix shortly but until then, get used to the new layout as it's more elegant, professional and far more customizable (It's HTML not PHP). We hope you enjoy the fruit of our labor!

Sleeper & Chris

New Template!

We have added a brand new template to the website. We hope you enjoy the simple but unique web template. Browse around and feel free to give some suggestions in the forums.

Summer Special!
Purchase admin today!

It's that time of the year again; summer time! With that in mind, I am providing a status update as well as offering a deal one cannot refuse! If you are reading this, you probably are a player in our Warcraft 3:Frozen thone Server and if you are not, it's about time you join up and have lots of fun. The IP to our Counter-strike 1.6 WC3:FT server is or you can also use - if you are registered on this site or become registered on this site, you can take advantage of multiple new benefits to members such as free experience, admin among other random prizes and options our members enjoy. Our website, ventrilo and game server are all in need of one primary component; SUPPORT.

We are supported via two separate funding methods; firstly, advertisements pay the bills as noted by the present display of advertising (no they do not have any viruses, spyware, trojans or any other type of malicious software). Secondly, by donators and supporters like you! Our donators and supporters do not go unappreciated; in fact, you can opt to have your name broadcast across our site or remain anonymous and you get the added benefit (arguably the best) of receiving administrative privileges in our current server and possibly future servers to come.

We are trying to raise funds to support our current endeavors as well as any future projects we may wish to pursue. Any contribution is appreciated by all of us as we all benefit! But don't forget we will give you administrative privileges and/or WC3 XP depending on what is specified!

These are all combinable; for example if you would like our light admin package and a level 10 character, you would pay $25 per month. You can buy one of these admin packages or donate to the BnD Clan by clicking the matching criteria under the "Server Menu."

New Server!

Thanks to Chris we now have a 20 slot 24/7 Dust2 Deathmatch server! Feel free to play in it all your like! We need the community to help make the server popular.

We have also implemented the xRedirect plugin to our servers. You can easily switch servers by typing "/server" in chat.

Stay Active!

I have seen poor activity lately on the website and the servers. I expect that all memebers will try their best to play in the servers and also help keep the forums alive. Registering an account for the forums are free. Registering and checking the forums will reap many untold benefits.